Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the chandelier rental process.

If you have additional questions give us a call at (888) 978-5216 or email us at info@signaturechandeliers.com.

Rental Questions

Shipping chandeliers is a process that few have mastered. With some chandeliers holding over 3,000 crystals and all having large elements of glass, it takes a serious design to make sure it all works together. Fortunately, we love a challenge and have mastered the process!

Most chandeliers ship in their own cages which are on wheels. The chandeliers are free hung in the cage and held in place by a specially designed vinyl bag. Certain elements of the chandelier may be wrapped with cushions and then the bag is filled with packing peanuts.

Detailed instructions are provided upon rental or request.

You can learn more about the process by visiting the How It Works page.

We have several service options to choose from. These are defined below for you.


You, or your designated production company can pickup the item from our dock and you only pay the rental fee, no delivery or service fee.


We ship the item via Freight straight to you or the venue hosting the event and then we ship it back when you are done.


We ship the item to you and send technicians to assist in preparing the item for rigging, assisting your rigging in the installation and packaging the items back up to ship back to us.


We ship the item to you and send rigging technicians to assist in preparing the item for rigging, rigging the item and packaging the items back up to ship back to us.

Yes, we can provide rigging technicians to assist in preparing the item for rigging and rigging the item.

Due to the nature of the items being hung overhead, we must require an insurance liability policy that names Signature Chandeliers additionally insured for no less than $1,000,000.00. This is standard among event companies, and is easily obtained for clients doing a one day event.

Although our system is proven to work 99.9% of the time, there are still variables that are out of our control such as vehicle wrecks, freight negligence and abuse. The following is our policy if the unit were to arrive damaged.

1. If this was a Service Option #2 (no technician or rigger) we would walk you through quickly repairing the unit to be as usable as possible depending on how severe the damage. Some spare parts are shipped with the unit to help in such cases. Otherwise, if the unit is damaged and unable to be used, we will ship another chandelier to you free of charge provided we have it in house and that we have enough time to ship another chandelier. If we are unable to ship you another chandelier, your payment for the rental (minus the shipping) will be credited to your account for future rentals.

2. If your rental includes a service technician or rigger from our staff (Service Option #3 or #4), we will ship the necessary parts to the technician to repair the unit and get it up and running. Further definitions of damages are defined in the contract.

If you fail to follow the instructions on repacking and the unit is damaged, you will be charged the cost to replace or fix the unit at our discretion and the labor to repair it.

Shipping Questions

Our chandeliers are shipped in specially designed shipping “cages” that house the chandeliers for a safe ride. These take up some room and most require a larger truck or freight truck. Shipping rates fluctuate heavily based on gas prices and freight schedules, but typically shipping ranges from $150 per unit to $400 per unit. Shipping rates typically reduce with quantity.

Let us know your date and we can give you an accurate shipping quote.

Typically when shipping items via freight, arrival and departure dates are within 48 hours. Due to this, we will need a secure area where the units will be held prior to your arrival and again prior to return shipping. Exact dates can be achieved (within a 12 hour window) for an additional cost. So if your event is on 2/13, we would plan for the unit to arrive between 2/10 and 2/12. Same thing goes for the return shipping; the freight company would arrive between 2/13 and 2/15 to pickup the item and return to us.

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