Rental Chandeliers

How the Process Works

Walk into most any company that offers rental chandeliers, and you will find a graveyard of chandeliers available for rent. You are likely to find parts and pieces hanging everywhere. Perhaps you will find the one chandelier they dare to rent, barely hanging on in the wooden case with a note that reads “Ready for Rent—needs repair.” It’s hard to keep up any rental product, but a product with 2000+ pieces? Nearly impossible!

Chandelier Creation

Chandeliers are not designed to travel, so when we assemble our chandeliers we first look at the engineering of the design and adjust it for a more durable life cycle. Our adjustments allow some parts to move more freely while others stay very rigid so that the chandelier arrives in perfect condition. One of the most important adjustments we make is to the “spine” of the chandelier. The spine is a rod that goes through the center of every chandelier to hold it all together. The spine can loosen over time, and if it is not tightened and checked, you could have half a chandelier coming down in the middle of your event! Thinking twice about trusting that cheap rental guy? You should! Most companies have never even heard of a chandelier spine, much less inspected it.

chandelier rentals cage

Chandelier Cages

We designed a special cage to house the chandelier which allows the chandelier to hang freely. The chandelier is suspended by a special spring that is specific to that chandelier’s weight and has a chain installed that can handle the ride. Our custom cages were designed to make removing and re-installing the chandelier very easy. There are no boards to remove and no screws. The chandelier will hoist right from the cage in minutes!

chandelier rentals bag

Chandelier Bags

We then “hug” the chandelier with a special vinyl bag that is created specifically for each chandelier. This “hug” bag is partially filled with peanuts to aid in crystal protection. The bag is connected to the cage and is attached on 8 sides with a spring to keep the chandelier in place, but also allow it to swing freely (shhhhh...this is our big secret so you get the chandelier in one piece).

Our 12 Point Process

how we ensure every chandelier arrives on one beautiful piece

Having been in the industry for 10 years, we know the challenges of maintaining quality products at a high level.

At Signature Chandeliers we offer ONLY chandeliers, so our staff knows the importance of every detail. Our 12 Point Process ensures that every chandelier arrives in one beautiful piece. This process enables us to consistently live up to the reputation of offering the “most beautiful chandeliers to rent ever” (as stated by a one of our rental customers). You can learn about our 12 Point Process below.

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